Update on the Flamenco Concert for Prostate Cancer UK

What an extraordinary success!

Sometimes everything comes together and the results are better than expected.

On this occasion I was working with the fabulous flamenco dancer and castanet player Rocio Gomez who is always very good but it felt like she was doing all she could to make it work.

It is very difficult to put into words here on a website but I know that the audience really were excited by  Rocio’s passion.

With the help of people at the St Michael at the Northgate Church, Oxford it was possible to lay a piece of  plywood and to fix it firmly to the ground.

You would be surprised what a good sound you can get from flamenco footwork on plywood.

The other thing to talk about is our totally wonderful engaged audience.

Yes, I play the guitar as well as I can and Rocio is an inspiration with her dance and castanets but the audience were with us the whole way, not just in their magnificent applause (thank you!) but also in their emotions and reactions throughout the performance.

The hour was fantastic and I loved every minute of performing flamenco for this cancer charity.

I have been informed that £246.45 has been donated and this money will go to Prostate Cancer UK.

The money is so useful and I will always be grateful but all the people on that day: Rachel who drove me there and back (this guitarist gets a chauffeur!), Rocio who gave all she had, an exceptionally beautiful young woman and her boyfriend (you guys know who you are!) the lovely church workers who supplied much needed refreshments (thank you, yes it did help) and help with laying wood on floor and very much all the people who came and listened and joined in spirit to save men from prostate cancer.