Tomás Jiménez on Video

Here are  selection of videos of Tomás playing Flamenco Guitar.

A music video can perhaps never fully convey the same emotion as the live performance.

These videos are just indicators of a very few of the moods of flamenco music that Tomás performs.

Tomás is always happy to keep potential clients informed about his public performances.

A Testimonial

Here just before the videos is one testimonial from a guitarist who attended a concert by Tomás at a theatre in St. Albans:

“Dear Tomás
My wife and I would like to thank you so much for the marvellous recital you gave yesterday in St. Albans.

I am an (amateur) aficionado of true andalucian guitar and it is so rare that we have in the UK the chance to hear the real thing played with such superb expertise and feeling.

We will be looking out for your appearances in future and hope you will soon return to Westminster Lodge.

Thanks also to your flamenco dancer and castanet player who so gracefully accompanied you.

It was a wonderful experience”

Flamenco Videos

The following videos by no means show everything that Tomás plays, but it is hoped that they are helpful to clients in showing examples of some of the music that Tomás performs.

Please contact me by e mail or by phone for more information or simply to talk through ideas that you may have about your event.

Flamenco Videos

The solo flamenco guitar can be very gentle, sweet and lovely:

Sometimes the solo flamenco guitar can be more energetic:

This flamenco piece begins softly but builds to a pulse. Accompanied here by flamenco percussive hand clapping technique:

You can watch more of our studio and live performances as well as flamenco guitar teaching videos on my YouTube page tomasjimenezguitar

Castanet and Guitar


Tomás Jiménez gives solo flamenco guitar recitals and concerts with flamenco dancers and castanet players for parties, weddings, concerts and events.


Flamenco at wine tasting event

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