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Spanish flamenco guitar videos

Below is a selection of videos of Tomás playing Flamenco Guitar. A music video can perhaps never fully convey the same emotion as the live performance so these videos are just indicators of a very few of the moods of flamenco music that Tomás performs.

Tomás is always happy to keep potential clients informed about his public performances.

A testimonial

Here just before the videos is one testimonial:

Thank you so much for the marvelous recital you gave. I am an afficionado of the true Andalusian guitar and it is so rare that we have in the U.K. the chance to hear the real thing played with such expertise and feeling.

Flamenco Videos

The following videos by no means show everything that Tomás plays, but it is hoped that they are helpful to clients in showing examples of some of the music that Tomás performs.

Please contact me by e mail or by phone for more information or simply to talk through ideas that you may have about your event.

You can watch more of our studio and live performances as well as flamenco guitar teaching videos on my YouTube page tomasjimenezguitar

Granaina Tremolo: Sorrowful yet beautiful, the Granaína is the flamenco form from Granada.

Granaina Arpeggio: Here I develop the theme of the Granaína using the arpeggio technique.

Granaina Falseta: In this example I play a variation that is perhaps a little stronger and yet still expresses the mood of Granaína.

Alegrias de Cordoba Falseta: Alegrías in the Cádiz expression is joyful. In Córdoba it takes on a slower perhaps more romantic expression.

Alegrias de Cordoba Tremolo: I develop the idea with a melody using the tremolo technique.

Alegrias de Cordoba Arpeggio: A variation using arpeggios. I am much influenced by the work of Paco Peña.

The Farruca almost certainly originated in Galicia, however in Andalucía it developed as a flamenco style.

The Bulerías is especially associated with Jerez de la Frontera. It is a celebratory style.

The Rumba Flamenca is light hearted, rhythmical and fun to play.

The solo flamenco guitar can be very gentle, sweet and lovely. Here I am playing the slow minor section from the superb Zapateado en Re by maestro flamenco guitarist Sabicas. You can hear the full piece in my audio tracks.

This piece is called Colombiana and has a South American rhythm and mood. Light and happy but also virtuoso. Based upon the work of maestro flamenco guitarist Paco Peña.

This flamenco piece is called Bulerías. In my interpretation I begin softly but build to a powerful pulse. Accompanied here by flamenco percussive hand clapping technique.

A lovely romantic classical piece called Romance Anónimo as the composer is not known. This is a favourite with many audiences.

Farruca:  Here I play just a short variation using the flamenco arpeggio technique. I recorded this when playing for an award ceremony at a university.

A classical prelude in E minor. A simple but lovely tune. Because I play so many strong virtuoso pieces I find it is good to also play some sweet pieces in contrast.

Zorongo Gitano and Café de Chinitas are two old Andalusian songs. The great Spanish Andalusian poet and playwright, Federico García Lorca worked hard to preserve these elements of Andalusian culture.

This Andalusian song Campanilleros is very well known and is typically performed at Christmas.

Los Cuatro Muleros and Los Peregrinitos: Once again my guitar arrangments of old Spanish Andalusian songs.

The Guajira is South American and especially associated with Cuba. In Andalucía we develop it with a flamenco mood. In this case I am accompanied by three castanet players.

Soleares is a serious and yet lovely flamenco style. Although it can be sung and played as a guitar solo, here I present Soleá with flamenco dancers.

Seguiriyas is really very sorrowful and at the same time quite beautiful.

In the flamenco singing the words of Tientos are often about unrequited love. Here I play an Introduction.

I develop the sytle of Tientos  with two variations which we call falsetas.

I continue to develop Tientos as a guitar solo with a third variation or falseta.

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