Wedding Guitarist

Spanish Flamenco Guitarist for Your Wedding

It is your wedding and Tomás Jiménez will discuss and work with you to make sure that he provides exactly the Spanish Flamenco Guitar playing just how you like it and at just the right moment.

Tomás does not have any pre set fixed typical plan of action for your wedding day because your day is unique to you, to your future spouse and all the people that you are inviting to be part of this first day of your new married life.

Certainly Tomás has a wealth of experience of playing Spanish guitar music for weddings in Spain and the U.K. and is more than happy to share ideas and examples of his repertoire.

If you like a special piece of music or have a particular mood that you want the music to help support please do mention this.

If there is enough time Tomás is always happy to learn a new piece for your day.

Here are a few typical ideas and requests for guitar music, but they are most certainly only possible options.

The real choices will be those that you make.

The Ceremony

Guitar Playing as your guests arrive:

How do you imagine this?

Do you think that it  would be suitable to have rather high spirited and happy music in the major key or might it work better for your guests to arrive to a quieter more lovely mood?

Some of them may not have seen each other for a long time and they may want to talk and exchange all their news.

The music must help that and not over power that moment.

A Special Piece for your Walk Down the Aisle:

You almost certainly already have a specific piece in mind or perhaps you have a clear idea of the mood that you will want.

Tomás will go over this as many times as you need to get it right.

Some couples develop their ideas and change their choices several times.

That is not tedious; that is good, that is getting things the way you need them to be.

Timing the music for your walk:

One of the wonderful things about flamenco guitar music in particular and Spanish guitar music in general is that it is always possible to lengthen or shorten the piece in accordance with your timing.

Equally important, Tomás is very experienced at carefully (but discreetly) watching and making sure that his playing fits perfectly to your entry and comes beautifully to an end once you reach the front.

Signing the register:

People’s requirements and understanding of this moment vary.

Some feel that it is a moment of great joy and want uplifting music while others focus on the formality of the signing of a contract.

Please say what you feel is best for you.

The exit or recessional music:

Once again this must be what you want.

Typically the newly married couple like joyous and loud music and Tomás has plently of these pieces in his repertoire together of course with many other moods.

The Celebration

The key here will be to take the time to talk through the kinds of moods thst you would like and Tomás will help you with suggestions of pieces of Spanish guitar music that you might like.

Ultimately and more important that anything else this is Your Wedding Day.

Testimonial 1:


We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for playing at our wedding. Everyone loved it and it really added to the atmosphere and helped make the day really special.

Thank you again for your professionalism and lovely music.

C and M Mc C.

Weston on The Green, Oxfordshire


Testimonial 2:

Estelle and I booked Tomas to play at our wedding at St. Giles House in Norwich.

From the beginning of the process Tomas provided us with clear information, access to a range of examples and suggested the best way to work with the ceremony and breakfast.

His planning for the day was impecable, even taking a taxi from an easily accessible car park to the venue to ensure he was not delayed looking for the hotel in an unfamilar city.

And I’ve not even mentioned his amazing guitar playing.

A mixture of traditional flamenco and classic Spanish guitar pieces perfectly complemented the theme of the wedding.

Highly recommended 10/10

Craig McColl

Norwich, Norfolk